Friday, March 27, 2009


Since I’m new to this internet stuff, I will start with introducing myself. My name is Junior, I have been alive for longer than I can remember. I think the first real big event that I can recall was developing fire, I’m not sure though. Over the many centuries, it all sort of blurs together. I have loved and lost multiple times over, but keep going back for more pain.

If you ran into me in a dark alley, you would probably want to run the other way. I’m not ugly or menacing at all, but you people must get a sense I’m different from you, because you run regardless. Despite this, some people have braved their fear and learned that I’m nice. I don’t condone violence, yet have been involved more than any one soul should have to endure. War after war after war.

Despite violence, I have also seen many good things in life. Births of my children, milestones of their lives, watching my grandkids and great grandkids and great great grandkids, etcetera for generations.

For some reason, I’m the only one of my family who is blessed with this curse. I have watched each family member die and trust me, the more you witness it the worse it gets. I have seen my many wives die hundred times over, which is bad enough, but during the black plague watching my new born twins die was probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The black spots on their frail bodies and the twitching after they died still haunts my dreams.

I don’t want to depress you all so soon, but know this, my life has many ups and downs, but since I detailed a bad thing I will detail one of the better moments of my life.

Back in 1950, a fire burned a school. A single child was trapped inside and I knew about my curse by then. So while terrified parents stood watching the building burn I snuck around back and jumped through a burning door. The flames licked at my skin, but unlike you, it’s warm, but doesn’t burn me. With the heat so intense that my sweat dried on my forehead as soon as it formed, I listened for the location of the lone child. Finding him proved easier than I thought it would be. The wall to the room had collapsed and made it easy to enter the room. With my clothes ablaze, and flames flickering before my eyes, the kid went quiet as I stared at him. Black soot had caked his cheeks and he coughed in the corner of the room.

With the flames making their way toward the kid, I took down one of the remaining curtains and wrapped it around myself, extinguishing the flames. With me no longer being a human candle, I reached for the kid. His eyes were wide with excitement as I lifted him off the floor and made my trek back through the burning remains. Keeping the kid close to my chest, I hurried through the flames fast enough that only small fires started on my clothes again.

The ceiling had collapsed in my initial entrance, so I had to improvise. Setting the kid down, I went into another room, which was ablaze. Looking at the wall, which led outside, I motioned for the kid to come to me and I picked him back up. Staring at the wall, I saw the charred wood had splintered a little, and I knew this was my chance as the ceiling in the hallway collapsed. No turning back. The kid started to cry, but I rested my hand on his head and tried to comfort him. Not willing to take another moment, I dashed toward the wall, and spun as I jumped toward the wood. With my eyes closed, the crash that enveloped me filled my ears and I felt a coldness wash over me as I felt fresh air fill my lungs.

Landing on the grass sent a shock through me, which made the kid yelp. I released him and he rolled out of my arms still coughing. Standing up, I was behind the school, so no one saw me. I could feel the heat of the flames on my back and threw off my jacket.

I told the kid to go around front and someone would be able to help him. I remember what he said to me after I started to leave. “Are you an angel?”
I smiled and shook my head.

I left that town the next day because what would have happened to me if that kid saw me again? That could have caused a mess especially with all the tension in the political air as there was.

So there you go. A nice story to counteract the bad. I thought this might be a good introduction to who I am, what I am capable of and I hope you will continue reading as I explain my life as an immortal.

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